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Where your beef comes from does, indeed, matter. Click to learn where does Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen gets it supplies of Prime grade Hereford beef.
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Where Your Beef Comes From Matters

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Where Your Beef Comes From Matters

“Where’s the beef?” It was a funny advertising tagline in the 1980s, but here and now we think it’s quite a serious question. Where your beef comes from does, indeed, matter. What your beef has eaten and its environment throughout its life also matters.

With all of those things in mind, we spent nearly a year researching cattle breeds, farms, and climate conditions for optimal quality and depth of flavor, and we are proud to say that all of our beef here at Sugarbacon is Prime grade Hereford beef - from cattle raised in the esteemed Sand Hills pastures of Burwell, Nebraska, exclusively sourced from Morgan Ranch.

With lush grasslands, an ideal year-round climate, and plentiful spring-fed streams, the Sand Hills are known as one of the best places on the globe to raise beef cattle. The Sand Hills roll atop the Ogallala Aquifer, which is the largest underground water resource in the world, thus creating a very rich ecosystem that is recognized by the World Wide Fund for Nature as a “distinct eco-region”.

At Morgan Ranch, the cattle are raised in an all-natural, humane environment, with no added antibiotics and no unnecessary hormones, and the cattle at the ranch are never fed any animal by-products. The cattle at Morgan Ranch eat a balanced diet that follows a nutritionist’s recommendations for a cow’s age, weight, size, breeding, and gestation. Some of the feed rations include a variety of grasses, corn, alfalfa, grains, plus some natural supplements.

“What does all of that have to do with my beef?” you’re asking. Well, in the same way that what we put in our bodies matters, it also matters what the meat we are eating consumes during its life on the farm. The impact of the cattle’s feed and the weather it lives in all play out on how beef tastes after it goes from the farm - to our kitchen  - to your plate. 
We think you’ll taste the quality and freshness at first bite. And you can feel confident knowing exactly where the beef comes from here at Sugarbacon.
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