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Restaurant Review: Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen

At Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen in McKinney, the eponymous sugarbacon—cubes of pork belly heavily slicked with house barbecue sauce and stacked like toddlers’ blocks atop toast rounds—clearly read as playful. So do tater tots squiggled with ancho chile-barbecue mayo circling mounds of pulled pork and pimento...

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Butterscotch Banana Pudding

If you have a sweet tooth like Eye Opener's Hilary Kennedy, then you'll love the wayJon Thompson, chef and partner at Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen, takes regular old banana pudding and makes it a little more adult with some butterscotch....

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Dallas’ Biggest Restaurant Openings Of 2015

In Dallas, the restaurant scene grew pretty explosively in 2015. Throughout the year, dozens of eateries opened their doors in Dallas proper and across the suburbs, serving up everything from modern Southern fare to Hungarian-influenced cuisine....

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The Best in DFW New Restaurants of 2015

Though the year started off curiously in terms of restaurant debuts, by the fall, an exciting direction had emerged. The first six months saw lots of self-cloning (Smoke opened in Plano, Dish opened in Preston Hollow) and casual dining, including gastropubs (Small Brewpub, the Mitchell, On...

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The Best New Burgers in Dallas

Dallas Dallas is obsessed with its burgers. Not only have burger joints popped up all over the place in the last few years, but it seems like nearly every one of our favorite restaurants -- whether super casual or upscale -- has a burger on...

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10 Dallas Chefs Dish on What’s Cooking This Fall

You would think that spring would be chefs' favorite season, and why wouldn’t it be? Fresh summer produce like watermelon, tomatoes and okra offer a multitude of culinary opportunities. But don’t be too quick to forget fall. Many of Dallas’ best chefs are really excited...

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