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5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Beer

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5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Beer

Beer is the world’s alcoholic beverage of choice. On top of being the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage globally, beer is also the oldest. After water and tea, it’s even the third most popular thing to drink overall. Our planet is clearly thirsty for beer!


With all that being said, here are 5 things you might not yet know about beer:


1. The Egyptian Pyramids were constructed under the influence of beer. An archaeologist from the University of Pennsylvania reported that the pyramid builders received around four liters of beer a day! That’s some workday fuel…


2. There is a Buddhist Temple located in the countryside of Thailand made of over one million recycled beer bottles. How many people did it take to drink all of those bottles? Around 19,000 over the course of a year if current beer consumption stats are to be believed.


3. Do you know where we got the term “honeymoon”? In Babylon around 4,000 years ago, a bride’s father was to supply his new son-in-law with all the mead he could possibly drink for a month after a wedding. Mead is a beer made from fermented honey, and the calendar at the time was lunar, so that time frame was appropriately referred to as the “honey month”, now widely known as “honeymoon”. Not a bad deal, grooms!


4. The winner of Most Creative Fried Food at the 2010 State Fair of Texas was the “Fried Beer”. You know by now everything’s bigger in Texas; including your caloric intake when “eating” the Fried Beer.


5. Beer-making and the study of beer are scientifically referred to as zythology. The word comes from the Greek words “zythos” which means “beer”, and “logos”, which translates to “study”. We knew there had to be a good scientific reason to partake in happy hour! “It’s research, honey.”


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