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Sugarbacon Lakewood Hosts Dallas Women Who Vote

On Saturday, June 3, Sugarbacon Lakewood hosted Women Who Vote - Dallas ISD for a special election-centered event sponsored by FLOW (a group of women committed to advancing gender equality through personal development, interactive discourse, and feminist advocacy). The passionate group met to enjoy Sugarbacon’s...

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Crafted beer restaurant in Texas

5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Beer

Beer is the world’s alcoholic beverage of choice. On top of being the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage globally, beer is also the oldest. After water and tea, it’s even the third most popular thing to drink overall. Our planet is clearly thirsty for beer!   With...

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Rosé Friday at Sugarbacon in Lakewood

Rosé Friday at Sugarbacon in Lakewood

Nothing says summer quite like a refreshing glass of rosé. Top it off with a perfect, spacious patio while breaking bread among good friends, and you have the recipe for complete summer bliss.   Join us Friday, June 16th at the Dallas location of Sugarbacon to celebrate...

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New Daily Specials at Sugarbacon

We know the workweek can drag you down. Don’t’ worry, because the team at Sugarbacon is here to help perk you right back up, which is why we’ve recently introduced our new lineup of daily deals on our scratch-made food and drinks.   Every Monday through Friday,...

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farm to table ingredients for Sugarbacon restaurant

Why Farm to Table is Important

We’ve all heard the terms “farm to table” and "farm to fork" thrown around quite a lot the last decade or so. A food fad that’s taken America by storm, the idea of fresh food from your backyard is something we think should be much...

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Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen Menu

Where Your Beef Comes From Matters

“Where’s the beef?” It was a funny advertising tagline in the 1980s, but here and now we think it’s quite a serious question. Where your beef comes from does, indeed, matter. What your beef has eaten and its environment throughout its life also matters. With all...

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Best Restaurant in McKinney

How Sugarbacon Came To Be

Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen is our modern approach to a neighborhood restaurant, serving a New American menu with Texas undertones. Upscale yet approachable, what you'll find here at Sugarbacon is food served just the way nature intended. One of our top priorities is to make sure that...

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